March 8, 1863 postmarked envelope from Edward for his same-date letter to parents 
August 21, 1862 mischievous letter penned  by brother David (16) while in school. Foreshadowing his own fate within 25 months, David mentions the illness and death of a girl in his classroom.
October 27, 1862 letter to mother reviewing: monthly pay, equipment and uniform issues; Edward's readiness for war and the his regiment's morning's march to (adjacent) Camp Douglas to quell a prison riot
December 6, 1862 letter composed in berry juice while on picket in the hills above Oxford, Mississippi, describing: CS General Sterling Price's retreat south of the Tallahatchie River; living off the land; Grant's Division approaching from the east; and the discouraged mood of  deserting Confederates
March 18-20, 1863 letter penned by Edward at Young's Point, Louisiana, containing a hand-drawn map of the peninsula and a narrative of the scene-at-large wherein Commodore Farragut is pounding Warrenton, Mississippi, below Vicksburg, and Chatfield's 113th and other regiments are underway by steamer to rescue Admiral Porter and his trapped warships above Deer Creek, Mississippi 
July 4, 1863 Chatfield's jubilant letter, written while ill, chronicling the fall of Vicksburg and his expectations to march on the morrow with Sherman's Corps to force CSA Joe Johnston out of Jackson, Mississippi

A Sampling of Chatfield's Letters

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January 5, 1864 postmarked envelope, from Edward, for same date letter to mother
February 14-15,1863 letter from Edward while at DeSoto Point (near Delta Louisiana, just west of  "Butler's Ditch"  [Grant's Canal] ) recounting: death's mounting toll; the canal dig; the rising river; a gunboat running the blockade; the brigade's young drummer boy; and Chatfield's "splendid Enfield Rifle" (taken at what Chatfield called a "little fight" at Arkansas Post)