Andersonville: This is our photo of Ed Chatfield's personal copy of Thomas O'Dea famous Lithograph of the Andersonville prison camp. Large (39.5" x 60") and detailed, O'Dea crafted a bird's eye view of Georgia's infamous civil war prison at the close of the war. Both O'Dea and Chatfield survived Andersonville. 
We gifted this historic treasure to the Kankakee County Museum enabling its ongoing protection, preservation, and viewing. Featuring Soldier Stories of the Civil War, the Kankakee Museum is just a few miles from where Chatfield enlisted back in 1862.
Thomas O'Dea

Andersonville plus three other Confederate prisons

Camp Lawton (Millen) Stockade Savannah Prison chatfieldstory2018-06009002.jpg
Edward was imprisoned in three more prisons before he escaped.
Camp Lawton (Millen, Georgia)
Savannah's Temporary Prison Camp
The Florence Stockade
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